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Legally Binding Contract
In the matter of an Alaskan Malamute
Instated by the legal owner/handler/breeder of below described animal

I am the legal owner, breeder, handler, of this litter/ puppy/ dog

Sire:_________________________ D.O.B.________________ Sire Registration No.:_______________________________

Dam:__________________________ D.O.B.________________ Dam Registration No.:____________________________________
Micro Chip Identification: ____________________________
Puppy breed_______________________
Is regesterable by the A.K.C., U.K.C., or C.K.C.:

Is Registered:YES NO #____________________________________ Limited or Full registration this dog.
In the country of ___________________________________
This dog is: MALE FEMALE
This dogs distinct markings are:_______________________________________________________________________
New Owner Agrees:
1. To have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours of his/her arrival in order for the health guarantee to be in affect.
2. To keep this puppy current on all vaccinations and heart worm preventative beginning immediately.
3. Puppy must have his/her booster shots at 10, 12, 16 weeks and rabbies at 16 weeks of age and every year there after or as required by your veterinarian.
4. To have this puppy spayed or nutered no later then 6 months of age and mail a copy of the procedure to the breeder.
5. Upon veterinary reciept of the puppy's spay/nueter, the breeder will mail A.K.C. registration forms for limited registration only.
6. To provide the appropriate care, medical attention, exercise, mental and emotional stimulation Alaskan Malamutes require.
7. To keep this puppy's living conditions clean, safe, and secure
at all times & to keep the puppy/dog free of internal and external
parasites including fleas, mites, mange and worms.
8. To stay in contact with the breeder and provide updated
vaccination/procudural verifications of the puppy/ dog.
9. Purchaser may not, under any cicrumstances, re-home, sell, or give away, the puppy or dog, at any point in the dog's life,
without first notifying and receiving permission form the the breeder to do so. Breeder holds the right to first refusal.
If the buyer can no longer care for the puppy or dog at any point in the dog's life, and the breeder does not approve of the new home(s),
the buyer must return the puppy back to the breeder at the buyer's expense.
10. Breeder holds the right to re-posses any puppy/dog that has been
abused or neglected at any time in this puppy/ dog's life upon proof by local authorties, the police,
the humane society, or any animal control specialists.
11. Breeder has the right to visit the home/dog at any time and remove a dog we feel is negelcted and/or abused.
12. Breeder holds the right to re-posses this puppy for failure by the
new owners to have him/her spayed or nuetered.
Puppy is good health upon sale:

13. This puppy has a heriditary health gaurantee of until 24 months of age against hip dysplasia,
chondrodysplasia (dwarfism), hemeralopia, hemolytic anemia provided that the new owner follows
each requirment set forth in this contract. 14. Contract is void if the puppyy/dog is sold or given away to a 3rd party.
15. If the puppy should develope a serious health
problem that severely limits or impairs it's quality of life due to a
heriditary default, I, the breeder, agree to replace this puppy
with a puppy from a future litter.
The owners must provide original copies from two licensed
veterinarian's (a second opinion is required) records stating this
puppy/dog's life will be extremely limited and/or create severe,
unneccessary suffering due to the defect(s).

Breeder print_____________________________
signature:_____________________________________ Date:______________

New Owner print:__________________________
signature:_____________________________________ Date:______________