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Mystic Wind's Dream Chaser Pahnik WTD


D.O.B. 10-07
Sex: Female
Weight: 75 lbs
Height: 23"
Color: Dark Mahagony, black, white, grey, tan.
Coat type: Soft, slightly longer then show coat.
Eyes: Mahagony, Amber, dark red.
Temperament:Very Playful, eager to please,
high energy, high prey drive, sassy. Amazing stride.

Temperament in detail: NO small children, NO small pets. NOT dog agressive unless in heat. Has never fought another dog or even acted as if she might except in heat or at the very end of a pregnancy. Even then, she has just snipped, she has never been in a fight. Plays nicely unsupervised with both sexes in the fenced dog yard. Absolutely adorbale personality. Great indoors. Potty trained and calm and very eager to please and sit at attention. Not competitive for attention. Food obsessed. We call her a "stompy" dog because she is always drumming her two front feet in place when she's excited. Personality of a forever puppy (except trained!) Very cute girl. HUGE plume tail almost as wide as her back and redish. Shorta dn stocky. Thick freighting legs. Built like a truck. Excellent worker. Position: Lead. 3 seasons of running (when she was a pup she chased the sled when I'd go out) with appx. 1500 miles on her.

1.5 years old. Dog sledding at 30 below zero, frost is frozen to the dogs' fur.

Mystic Wind's Dream Chaser Pahnik