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Our Past Puppies

Pahnik & Sukattuq pup. Frost, 5 month old male.
Pahnik produces absolutely amazing puppies in appearance & temperament.

Echo Wolf, left. Saffron Mutquk right. Pahnik & Sukattuq female puppies at 4 months.
Both outstanding Pahnik puppies.

Suka & London. Sukattuq pups at 9 months old.

My Beautiful girls Remi Nightwish & Brecken Venom at 4 months old.
They went to the same home :-)

Nanuq Sakutto. Training to be a sled dog.
Brother to the two below as well.

Suka & London. Brothers, 10 months old, & training sled dogs.

Nya. Brooklyn pup at 8 months old.

Frost Amadeus. Sukattuq pup 9 months old.