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Alaskan Malamutes require massive amounts of physical exercise.
They also demand your attention and when you combine these
two requirements you have a high maintenance dog.

Be prepared to get in shape! Your Malamute requires vigorous daily exercise.
If you are not the outdoors or athletic type now, either plan to be or please
consider a different breed.

I strongly urge all owners of Alaskan Malmamutes who live in town
and do not plan on working their dog,
to purchase a "Springer" brand bicycle attachment and, if you
don't already have one, a sturdy mountian bike with good brakes.
You can click the link below to visit Springer's site.

The "Springer" brand bicycle attachment is the greatest invention in the history of dog
ownership and it amazes me that more people don't use them. The Springer is steel U shaped,
heavy duty, metal spring that clamps on to the bar underneath your bike's seat. It has a short
leash with a safety release that attaches to your dogs walking harness. I have found the Springer
(no other brand will due with such a heavy puller like the Alaskan Malamute so please,
don't risk it!) to be the absolute best way to exercise my dogs. Other brands tend not
to work as well because the dog, at least in my experience, still manages to get behind
the bike, or, pull it over! Unless your walks are 4 miles a day, they will not be sufficient for your dog.
Please keep this in mind when deciding whether or not your lifestyle will agree with that of an Alaskan Malamute's. Make sure you do not run your dog if the it is over 70 degrees and take breaks. Also carry water on your bike, or in a back pack (on your back), for your dog.

Scooter Jouring
If you don't care much for bicycling, you may want to consider purchasing a Dirt Dawg Scooter and ski-jouring harness and teach your Malamute to pull you! This can be a lot fun for you and your dog as well as provide the absolute best form of exercise. Dog scooters are ideal for one dog, or two very young dogs. A Springer or a Dog Scooter will ensure your dog stays at optimal health his whole life through. It will greatly reduces the risk of heart disease, joint degeneration and many other health problems Malamutes are prone to without proper exercise.

Back Packing, Camping
Packing is one more thing you can do together. Packing and camping are good
ways to bond with your dog, as well as the humans in your life. Being dependent
on each other for survival out in the rugged elements is theraputic for relationships
of every sort. And the computer/fast food era we live in makes this contrast even more
appealing. Nothing can compare to the smells of burning wood, damp forest grounds,
and thin clean air. This is also a good, inexpensive, way to earn your dog a working title.

Malamutes need to be kept occupied with lots of mental and
emotional stimulation. Indestructable toys are a must as well as constant
interaction with the family and regular
training sessions to strengthen the bond between the two of you.
Alaskan Malamutes love daily obedience sessions! They are spending
priceless time with you, pleasing you and earning cookies, learning new
things, soaking in lots of stimulation, and bonding with you
in ways that you may never understand. This is so important
to him. Once obedience has been taught
(although you will need to brush up on it at least once a week)
consider buying a book on tricks and teaching your Alaskan Malamute
a new trick every month. Recently there have been a surplus of trick books
hitting the book store shelves. See "Basic Obedience" training link for tips.

Your Malamute will probably never eat the amount listed on the back of any
random bag of dog food. And since Alaskan Malamutes vary greatly in size,
you will need to carefully decide what amount is best for your particular puppy or
dog. I have had many vets tell me to cut back on how much I feed only to have my dog
become underweight. Growing puppies & adolescent dogs eat a great deal, probably more
then you would expect. At the same time, be very careful NOT to over feed your Malamute! Do not free feed your Malamute. By Arctic insticnt, a Malamute will eat itself to death, or cause a condition called "Bloat", a quick & deadly illness. I've found that a good rule of thumb is around 1 cup per 20 lbs of body weight up until around the 80-85 lbs range, at which time dogs who exceed this weight seem to require nearly double. Many people tell me their standard sized male Alaskan Malamutes (85 lbs) eat 4 to 4 1/2 cups a day. Although my 100 lbs dogs require 7-8 cups a day, and my largest dog, who is now 150 lbs, eats 12 cups a day. I'm trying to give you the best idea I can because I have found it to be like pulling teeth on gathering information about just how much Alaskan Malamutes eat. It varies greatly!