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Health Problems

I will get more in depth with this page. I am laying down some of the basics for now, and I am no where near finished.

Alaskan Malamutes, like every breed, come with their list of genetic defects and ailments which may or may not plague them at some point through out their life.

The most common are:

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Hip/elbow/joint Dysplasia: A malformation of the ball joint and/ or the position it sits inside of the hip socket. Arthritis. Ranges from mild to severe but most commonly seen in older dogs and/or those who have had inadequate exercise. It is also genetic. be continued

Bloat: KILLS QUICKLY! Many Malamutes, at around 3 months of age, will begin to inhale their food as if it is the last meal one earth. This continues untill around 18 months old, but sometimes longer, and sometimes their entire life. Deep chested breeds (such as Malamutes), are prone to a condition called "bloat". It is caused by eating too fast and swallowing too much air. Your Malamute can die within minutes if this occurs. Not to freak out. Many Mals scarf down meal after meal day after day and never develop bloat. But it is something to certainly keep an eye out for while your dog eats his meals. The best way to prevent bloat is to spread his food on a cookie sheet or piece of plywood so he has to eat it piece by piece. Dogs don't have to have bowls, a little dirt never hurt! Sometimes I feed my puppies like chickens and throw their kibble around the yard.

Hemeralopia: Other wise known as day blindness. be continued

Coat Funk: be continued

Chondrodysplasia: Dwarfism, to put it simply. be continued

Polyneuropathy:: be continued