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Brooklyn's First Weight Pull

When I read on the I.W.P.A.'s website that northern breeds tend to be less
enthusiastic about weight pulling, more stubborn, and pull far less then their ability
due to their independent streak, I was very worried. But as I was un-hooking
Brooklyn from the tow lines after his third round at his first pull, a man walking
away with his St. Bernards yelled back at me, "keep working with that dog.
I've been doing this a long time and I can tell you, you've got yourself
one hell of a working dog there".

Waiting His Turn

His Competition

I kid I kid!

THIS is his competition.
Brooklyn falls into the weight class where he is up against all St. Bernards!

His competition sneering at him while he's not looking!

I tied my horse to the rail while I went to find a restroom

In this next photo he is actually well over the finish line
(the pink line behind me on the left) so I am petting and congratulating him.

Brooklyn pulling 1,050 pounds

Go Brooklyn!
He could pull more but they ended it at that- because they all wanted to go home!
We were a little upset about that (I wanted to see just how much he could actually pull) but oh well.
It got started late because the conformation & obedience shows next door ran late.