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Aint No Business...

Like Snow Business

Nukka during lead training August 2008

   Nukka & Brooklyn's 1st season

About the video
John Beargrease 2008 390 mile long race from Duluth MN
along Lake Superior's north trail. This race takes the mushers 3 days to complete.
Just when you think you can't take anymore dogs barking, it cuts off and picks
up where we are working- 150 miles down the trail and 24 hours later, at the
mid distance check point/mid distance finish line, in Tofte MN:

As you can see, this is one of our recreational sled dogs at 150 lbs! 


    Pahnik running along  
side the sled at 3 months old

Beargrease start

Mushing 08.

Team at the Beargrease starting line, seconds from take off
150 miles down the trail at the mid distance check point.